The Importance of Customer Service: How St. Joseph HyVee Created the Ultimate Experience

customer service

There’s no denying that weather plays a huge role in our daily lives, especially here in the Midwest where Mother Nature is sometimes happy and sunny one day and icy and gloomy the next. It can be a challenge to prepare for storms, but when your plan is set beforehand and consistency is your strategy, you will undoubtedly have success.

That was the case in St. Joseph last week when “Winter Storm Jupiter” was threatening to make an appearance and people flocked to area grocery stores to stock up on the necessities so they wouldn’t need to get out in the bad weather. Hundreds of customers, all in a rush to beat the ice and snow were stocking up. No big deal, at the St. Joseph HyVee. Where some stores may have experienced angry customers and mayhem during the rush, not only did the employees at HyVee do their best to keep customers happy and the lines moving, they took it much further.

This is a story of great customer service and how those helpful, happy employees proved that their brand’s tagline, “Where there’s a helpful smile in every aisle” isn’t just a commercial – it’s how they do business.

Taking that tagline and making it a reality was as easy as making sure that customers were rerouted to shorter checkout lines, that the customer service desk was utilized to checkout patrons as well as the regular lines and employees were filling other roles wherever they were needed. Case in point: last week, you may have noticed the registered dietician helping to sack groceries or the bakers handing out freshly baked cookies to the little ones waiting in line with their parents.

After the craziness settled down and the crowd dispersed, HyVee didn’t stop there. Luckily, one of their happy customers took to Facebook to thank the store and commended them for the upstanding experience. The customer praised the employees and gave specific examples on how the employees took an experience that could have been unpleasant and stressful and created a positive one for customers. That comment generated over 100 comments and shares and over 1,000 thumbs up from customers all over. Talk about major exposure!

The St. Joseph HyVee store then did one of the most important things that SJC Marketing encourages everyone to do online: they engaged with their customers and took part in the conversation that was happening in the comments section. They welcomed the feedback, made jokes along with commenters and expressed their gratitude for the positive words.

St. Joseph HyVee gets major thumbs up from SJC Marketing and we encourage brands to always use customer service as a relationship building tool for their brand. It’s a powerful marketing tool!

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