The Importance of Blogging: Cross-Promote Your Blog to Maximize Momentum

importance of blogging

Promote Your Blog on Social Media to Increase Your ROI

You’ve heard that Facebook Live is a big trend in marketing, and Instagram Stories is also key for visual marketing to engage audiences. With all the buzz surrounding visual content, it’s a good idea to circle back to the importance of blogging. Publishing valuable, text-based content that demonstrates your expertise in your industry remains a great way to build your reputation as a thought leader.

With the rise of video- and image-based content marketing you have the opportunity to cross-promote to bring additional value to a variety of formats. Here are a few ways to promote your blog on social media and highlight the importance of blogging:

Do a Facebook Live segment on your blog. Facebook Live is exploding, so why not use this format to draw attention to a particularly timely blog post? If you have a blog that you’re sure will be a conversation starter, use a live video to kick-start the discussion and direct viewers to your blog.

Static video works well, too. For those just getting into video, doing a live stream may be just outside your comfort zone. Static video also works well for posting on social media about your blog and inviting your audience to read it. Use your video to do a demonstration of the information in your blog, or to interview someone who has special insight into the topic.

Create an Instagram Story for your blog. By creating an Instagram Story, you can take users directly to your blog post when they click on the “see more” at the bottom of the screen. Your blog is naturally integrated into your Instagram Story without the user needing to leave the application to check out your post.

Use Snapchat to tie users in with your blog. Similarly to Instagram, you can imbed your path to your blog post right into your story, without having your audience leave the app to get to your site. This reduces your bounce rate and keeps people in a seamless progression to your blog.

The importance of blogging hasn’t diminished, even as social media introduces new features like live video options. Talk with our SJC Marketing team about how to balance your marketing efforts to reach your target audience and promote new growth.

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