The Importance of Blogging: 6 Reasons Why it Works

Bring Blogs to Your Marketing Strategy

There is not one single secret to small business success, every business is unique. However, when two businesses take similar measures in marketing themselves yet one includes blogging, you’re going to see a difference in results. The importance of blogging can’t be understated.

According to HubSpot, in the B2B market, blogs are used to gain 67 percent more leads for businesses compared to companies that don’t blog.

Here are six reasons why you should consistently be posting blogs that speak to your target audience:

  • Build a relationship
    Consumers are more likely to latch on to your brand if they can see the human side of the business. A blog allows you to give your business a voice.
  • Promotions
    Whether you’re pushing products or services, an informative blog can assist you in getting more eyes on promotions and give potential buyers reasons they will benefit from taking you up on the promotional deal.
  • SEO
    Blogs are a tried and true method of boosting your ranking in search.
  • Big Data
    The more you know about your target audience’s behavior; the better you can market to them. A robust blog section in your website will offer up a lot of information on consumer preferences when you track the analytics.
  • Relay Your Mission
    You know your purpose, your mission – you just need to let others know about it. The importance of blogging is probably most tied to this item as you can really lay out what you’re about in a 500 word or longer blog.
  • Thought Leadership
    You’re an expert in your industry. A blog gives you the platform to touch on important issues that affect people interested in your line of work. Your blog is your platform to prove you are qualified to address these issues.


High quality content is a must if your blog is going to make an impact on your business. Not all small business owners have the time or inclination to devote to a regular blog, which is why it’s important to outsource your content.

At SJC Marketing, we specialize in creating content for companies in a variety of industries, and we can do the same for your business. Contact us today and let’s start ramping up your marketing strategy.

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