Identifying Your Target Market Is Key for Growth

Segment your target market for better outreach.

Know Your Product/Service, Know Your Target Market, Experience Growth

You can develop the most killer product or service in your industry, but if you can’t market it to the right people, you’re probably not going to generate much attention. If you know how to identify your target market, you’re going to make a big splash.

Know Your Audience

First and foremost, if you’ve developed something great, you probably already understand the need for what you’ve created, which means you know what problem your service or product solves. Now you need to envision for whom that product is intended when you develop your outreach content.

You also need to know where they lurk, so use Google’s Keyword Tool and do some research regarding what keywords people are using to find services or products like yours.

Segment Your Audience

You can further develop highly impactful content by segmenting your audience, breaking them down into groups going by their crucial demographics. This includes gender, location, age, income, education level and marital status, among others.

Dig a little deeper and get into how your target market differs in their values, attitudes, hobbies and lifestyle preferences.

Value Statement

The core question that any buyer will ask while evaluating your marketing efforts is, “why should I buy this from them?” You need to be ready to answer this question, because if you don’t come up with the right one, your potential buyers will go elsewhere.

Know what makes you unique and stand out from your competitors and make this part of your pitch. Also, make sure your pitch doesn’t sound like a pitch. If your content is built up right, your pitch will only sound like a value statement.

At SJC Marketing, we help you avoid weak pitches by providing you with the tools that let you know how to identify your target market. Identifying your target market isn’t always easy, but with SJC, you will sidestep the guesswork and make an impact on the consumers that have the highest probability to become your customer.

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