How to Use LinkedIn for Business Success

Why B2B Social Media is Important

Many of us, as individuals, have a LinkedIn profile. But just admit it – you may use it for professional creepingLinkedIn for business sometimes. Don’t be ashamed. But how should you use LinkedIn for business success? And is social media really important for B2B situations?

The answer to the B2B social media question is yes. And here’s how to use LinkedIn for business sucess in order to ensure more visibility to your organization as well as to gain new leads and engage with other businesses.

  1. Write a captivating summary. Everyone loves a story – tell your business’ story in a way that helps people find a connection with you.
  2. Share your products and services. Your LinkedIn business page provides an opportunity for you to showcase what you do. Take advantage of the tab and use visuals and links back to your site.
  3. Utilize your page for job openings. This is currently an additional cost, but LinkedIn is a highly trafficked area for those looking for jobs. Take advantage of this recruiting tool.
  4. Stay up-to-date. A page that isn’t current or updated is a page that loses views and followers. Keep your business page full of company information, recent events and photos, and continue to engage with other business pages, comment on posts, start conversations and share valuable information.

Forbes offers many other suggestions to gain exposure to your LinkedIn business page. But if you need some advice from a company who has an experienced team of social media experts ready to make your platform successful, contact SJC Marketing. We see the value in B2B social media as we have gained our own successes from it.

Now, if LinkedIn would stop sending those “who has been viewing your profile” emails, we could all creep a little more slyly …