How the Red Cross Makes Marketing for Nonprofits Look Easy

Take Some Tips From Their Social Media Presence to Strengthen Your Online Marketing Plan

Is there a secret in the world of marketing for nonprofits? That question can hardly be answered in one blogmarketing for nonprofits post, but we can certainly tackle the tip of the iceberg. First, you can take a look at the nation’s top nonprofits and find out what they are doing to engage with their audience online.

The American Red Cross has an impressive following. They constantly share updates on their initiative and create unique campaigns and graphics to keep their followers up-to-date on current issues that pertain to health and safety. Their internet marketing strategies are a great example of how to make the most of a captive audience.

Here are some examples of how the American Red Cross is flushing out an impactful online marketing strategy:

  1. Hashtag Help: Take advantage of a popular hashtag. Hashtags have the ability to get attention on social media so do not be afraid to use their audience for your advantage. They use hashtags to celebrate #NationalIceCreamDay as well as bring awareness for #FireSafety. The American Red Cross has had success in creating their own hashtags. Their #ChooseYourDay campaign has helped thousands of people find a day to donate blood to their local blood drives.
  2. Grabbing Graphics: The Red Cross has created amazing graphics for their online marketing. Their graphics campaign shows followers everything from the importance of life guards to the dangers of over used electrical outlets. These graphics are bringing attention to everyday things that people may overlook but when presented in a way that brings to light an important safety reminder, The Red Cross is able to send messages their follower won’t soon forget.
  3. Trending Topics: The Red Cross wants their followers to know they are paying attention. That is why their social media is all about what is happening right now. They continually update on natural disasters, blood drives that are happening at the time and also tap into pop culture events. The Red Cross is able to be a part of large conversations that are already happening, bringing in a larger audience as well as starting new engagement with people who are interactive online.

Online marketing is such a powerful tool. Find out how SJC Marketing can assist you in providing impactful online messages today.