Hashtag Smarter: Create Your Own

A hashtag is a way to categorize each and every post given the content you are pushing out. SometimesHashtag 3 they are used to promote the post for a particular brand or a specific event. Other times they are used ironically or even just to give context to the post written. They are a way to begin building a community within your target audience.

One of the best things about hashtags is they are an open and easy way to organize information. If they are already being used, you can utilize them to network and build relationships. If you are looking to create your own hashtag, it can be used to encourage individuals to share their information and news with you, participate in a question and answer session, promote the launch of something new, or most commonly used to show support for a cause.

There are four easy steps to creating your own hashtag:

  1. Brainstorm Session
    Hashtags should be unique and interesting, while still representing your brand and your core message. Short and simple is the best way for your fans to remember the hashtag. Get a group of creative individuals together and generate a list of possible hashtags that your brand could use.
  2. Research It
    You also need to look and see if your potential hashtags are already being used. Perhaps you thought of one and someone is already using it in a negative fashion. Be sure you’re not busting in on someone else’s conversation or community.
  3. Promote
    You’ve settled on the best hashtag for your event or your brand, now be sure people know about it. Post it on your website, send out an email blast, put it on t-shirts, use whatever promotional tools you can to tell your target audience about your newest hashtag.
  4. Evaluate Everything
    How will you know if it’s working? Follow the chatter and contribute to the conversations. Your fans are looking to you, so make sure you are retweeting and praising those that use the hashtag.

Hashtags can be an interesting and mysterious thing until you get used to them. Once you do, you’ll realize what a powerful tool they can be. Don’t hold back when thinking of the different uses of a hashtag. If you are ready to take your social media to the next level, give Susan J. Campbell a call (or tweet using #TeamSJC) today!