Growing Your Customer Base With Triggered Emails

Business Growth Strategies That Help You Meet Your Goals

triggered emailsYou wouldn’t use smoke signals to share your brand message, so why use outdated generic email blasts to reach your customers? It’s no secret that triggered emails outpace traditional email blasts in terms of effectiveness. In fact, triggered emails can yield 71 percent higher open rates and 102 percent higher click rates than email blasts.

The difference is relevance. How do you make sure your message lands on ears that are ready to listen?

Send Your Message in Real Time

There are many benefits to sending your triggered emails in real time instead of 24 hours later. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to eliminate batch-and-blast sending and start to use a visitor’s profile to determine the content sent.

According to eMarketer, for retailers, 54 percent of shoppers who are going to buy an abandoned item do so within 24 hours. You need to get your message out before that window slams shut. Make sure your systems are set up to do a real-time send. While it is easy to see this difference if you measure in days, you can actually see noticeable differences in conversion rates between triggers in just a matter of minutes. An email that that is sent to a customer’s inbox within 20 minutes of an abandonment has DOUBLE the conversion rate of an exact email sent 24 hours later..

Strategically Manage the Channels

One of our goals as marketers is to manage the interaction point with our customers, regardless of channel. You’ve heard it before – the right message, at the right time, in the right place. For example, if you know your customer does most of their shopping in-store rather than online, you could use push messages through your brand’s app when they are actually shopping.

Use Diverse Trigger Actions

Don’t have the same response based on the same actions. Let your customer profile inform the response based on most recent activity – the more customized, the better.

Beyond the Abandoned Cart

Abandoned cart triggers are an excellent place to start if you’re talking about behavioral-based emails. However, it is not time to move away from the cart and think of other ways to engage your customer’s. Here are a few ideas:

Retail post-purchase

Time-sensitive alert or reminder

“We miss you” re-engagement trigger

Content re-engagement


New arrivals

Legislative updates

Industry innovations

Technological advances

Back in stock

Request review

Update preferences

Topic of interest based on clicks

Upcoming events

Use Personalized Content

When content is personalized, the results are dramatic. Not only are you a gaining share of the wallet, you are also creating a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for your customers. Personalized goes beyond just adding the person’s first name in the subject line.

Triggered emails that also include some form of personalization, such as product recommendations or personalized content, see a click through rate that is 40 percent higher than traditional messages. This drives traffic to your site, helping meet your business growth strategy. This increased engagement also adds value to the customer experience.

If you would like to learn more about how engagement marketing and triggered emails can convert browsers to customers, contact us at SJC Marketing.