Google Analytics: Why Digging Deep Improves Content

Dive deeper into how your audience interacts with you through Google Analytics tools.

A Direct Approach to an Improved Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for fresh content ideas to assist you in your outreach? Content marketers are increasingly tapping into Google Analytics to find a new direction where more consumers can become aware of their brand.

Google Analytics can help you understand your customers, and that’s step number one in creating content that speaks to them. It’s a marketing strategy that provides critical direction.

You have to know your audience before you can interact with them in an impactful way.

Find What Has Worked

Your goal is to create content that garners results. What’s worked in the past? Use Google Analytics to see what performed well and look for the key to the success of that content. Now, create a variation of that content to get similar or better results.

Often, the metric you’re looking for is page views. To see this information go to “behavior,” then to “site content,” and then to “all pages.” Look at bounce rate, the average time they spent on the page and page value. This can give you valuable insights into how your audience is consuming your content.

Keying in on Keywords

Does your website have a search bar? Utilize Google Analytics to see what people are searching for when they visit your site. You can modify your content to include these keywords, thus helping your visitors gain access to the information they need.

Furthermore, you can develop content based around these keywords. To access this information, simply click on “behavior,” then “site search” and “search terms.”

Want to leave the marketing strategy research to the experts? It’s a path that many organizations are taking, because it gives them more time to work on their day-to-day tasks while allowing marketing professionals to dig in on their expertise – using Google Analytics to improve your content and outreach.

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