Get More Adventurous With Your Content Creation

Creating GIFs for Better Visual Content

Did you know most consumers only remember about 20 percent of the text they read when it isn’t associated with visual stimuli?  The importance of pairing visual elements with your content creation is increasingly important. GIFs are a great way to reach your target market with creative visual components.

GIFs stands for graphic interchange format. It’s a lossless format for image files that will support static images and animated images.

If you’ve spent any time at all on social media, you’ve seen plenty of examples of them. Now it’s time to start using them in your marketing outreach, as a way to engage your target audience.

GIFs don’t have sound, which makes them even easier to create, and they work extremely well on social posts and on websites. You can send them in email blasts, but they can be too large, so keep an eye on the file size.

Use them to add humor (one of the most popular GIF themes), or to target specific emotions.

There are a number of programs out there that walk you through the GIF-making process. For instance, Gifs, Recordit and Giphy are all great examples of popular GIF-creation sources.

While Giphy has thousands of GIFs from which to choose, you may want to create a custom GIF, and the program will let you do that. You can create GIFs from videos, placing your start and stop points, and adding the appropriate text.

Instagram has created an app named Boomerang that allows you to create mini videos that will loop. While it resembles a GIF, it isn’t, but it will offer the same positive impact to your brand content creation strategy that you get out of GIFs.

Most smart phones have a rapid burst capability built into the camera, which can also be used to create excellent GIFs. With a fun app called Burstio, you can create your own custom GIFs with your iPhone (currently only available in iOS).

Here are a few more tips for effectively incorporating GIFs into your content creation:

  • Don’t flood your marketing outreach with GIFs. While they are effective, remember that moderation is the key to success.
  • Know when to leave the GIF behind and create a short video instead. If you find your GIFs are long and include many stops, consider other options.
  • Don’t breach copyright laws. Be careful not to use content from movies or images that are copyrighted. You can share existing links and you can use stock images from your apps and programs. You can avoid any trouble by custom making all your GIFs.

At SJC Marketing, we love to use GIFs and we have developed GIFs for organizations in a number of industries. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to bring great visual elements to your content.