Get a Step Ahead: Content Marketing Trends to Integrate Now

PinterestAs you gear up for a change in the seasons, there are trends that are evolving. Pinterest is showing more boots and plaid, Instagram is full of Starbucks drinks and Facebook is filling up with news on favorite football teams. It is true that the fastest way to get updated on the newest trends is online. Your business can stay on top of trends with engaging and consistent content. Take a look at these tips to find out how to follow current content marketing trends. 

  1. Go mobile: Results of an online survey from Target Marketing found that businesses reported 50 percent of their consumers are reading content on mobile devices. The upwardly moving trend of mobile usage means that businesses need to ensure their websites are responsive and translate well onto smartphone screens.
  2. Be on the move: Location-based marketing is going to be the popular kid on the block. Providing promotions, coupons and other incentives that grab your consumer’s attention while they are already in close proximity is the best way to turn a browsing customer into a buying customer.
  3. Know your audience: This isn’t a new trend per se, but it a characteristic that will never go out of style. Social media platforms and content marketing trends are useless if you do not craft your messages to speak directly to your target audience. Research who your demographics are and where they are most likely to hear and interact with you to optimize the chance of engaging with them.

Paying attention to content marketing trends will enable your company to attract readers online and keep them engaged and interested in the conversations you are starting. It also increases your websites chances of being at the top of search engine results.

Integrating these content marketing trends into your strategies can be easy with the help of SJC. Contact us today to find out more ways we can help your brand shine.

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