Full Service Marketing: Four Ways to Know if You’re Getting It

What is your full service marketing plan?

Wondering what full service marketing is? And if anything is full service anymore? Read on. We’ll tell you, and we’llfull service marketing tell you how it affects the success of your brand.

When you think about marketing from a full service perspective, you might first think of social media. Blogs. Video. Social Media. In reality, these are just a few of the tools used by a full service marketing agency to carry out a clever campaign message. These tools are a way of having a conversation with audiences, but they’re only part of the picture.

The rest of the story involves starting out with a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy. Then you add in the tools that will carry out this strategy – such as PR, high-value content, website development, visual impact, logos, taglines, and of course, the tools already mentioned.

If you’re thinking about marketing in this big-picture way, here are some tips for what to look for in a full service marketing agency:

1. The ability to successfully work with a consumer base that wants exactly what it wants, when it wants it. Consumers will drive the way products are created and distributed, and you need an agency that is ready for that kind of scene.

2. Engagement success is a must. It doesn’t matter so much what the Likes count is on your Facebook page. Instead, you need to know who is actually doing something with the content you’re putting out there, and what that activity looks like.

3. Emotional appeals. To push your brand forward, you must connect at a relational, emotional level with audiences. Those brands who do this will seem different and better in the eyes of buyers. Successful campaigns must demonstrate this connection, across different platforms.

4. The best full service marketing strategies will need to help the consumer in their hunt for products and services they purchase with the push of a button. Fewer customers will expect to walk into your store or office and survey the products first-hand. Instead, they’ll get what they need online (and good marketing drives them right to you online front door).

If these concepts sound like the stage you’re setting for 2015, contact our team at SJC. We live and breathe full service marketing … and all the full service growth it can bring you.



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