How to Foster Engagement and Connection in Your Marketing Strategy

Practical Tips for Establishing an Emotional Connection

You have high-quality content that adds value for your audience, you’re regularly posting on social media and your website is mobile-first, user-friendly and all the landing pages are designed to move visitors to the next step in the sales process. What could possibly go wrong with a marketing strategy like this?

Plenty. You can have all the elements of a great marketing strategy and still watch it fall flat if you neglect the foundation of an emotional connection. This means you’re creating ways to engage with your audience at a personal level so that you retain a person-to-person feel to your efforts. Here’s how you do it:

Don’t pass up opportunities to connect. Companies engaged on social media are usually great at posting according to a content calendar or when rolling out a big promotion. What they may not be quite as good at is responding to inquiries or complaints. Make sure you have a strategy so that customers are receiving a quick response when they comment on your post or write on your wall.

Be genuine. When you have the opportunity to make an emotional connection with a customer, be sure it’s authentic. It’s all about one person talking to another, not a rehearsed elevator pitch. When someone complains on social media, don’t give them a planned response. Validate their frustrations, offer assistance and apologize if there’s been a mistake, just like you would if a customer were standing in front of you.

Listen. This doesn’t sound much like a word that would be included in a marketing strategy, but listening sends a powerful message and fosters emotional connection. It tells your customer that you’re prioritizing their needs. As a marketer, it also provides you with helpful information about how customers respond to your company and your brand.

Always make it personal. Your customers need to know why they should be excited about your product or service. Think about how you would talk to a customer if they were sitting in front of you, wanting to hear about what you’re selling? Would you be smiling, or would there be an element of sobriety to the conversation? Think about the kinds of words you’d use to talk about your product in terms that would be important to them.

Creating an emotional connection throughout your marketing strategy can be tricky because it’s more of an attitude and philosophy than something you can include on your to-do list. Don’t worry, though. SJC can help you seamlessly integrate more emotional connection into your efforts, and we can start today! Contact us to get started.