Focusing in on Visuals in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Bright, lively and active photos are the best choice for improving customer engagement.

Utilizing Visuals for Better Customer Engagement

Have you embraced visuals in your social media marketing outreach? They are key if you have a goal of increasing customer engagement. Maybe you’re already using visuals, but want to take your social media to a new level by boosting your use of visuals. It’s important to remember that not all social media platforms are created alike, which means you have to know how to approach your use of visuals from platform to platform as you increase the role they play in your social media strategy.

Tips for Instagram

While some Instagram users will use a lot of text in their posts in place of a photo, that’s not the best use of this platform. Instead, bright images with a single dominant color work to engage your target audience. In fact, it’s been found that blue colors in photos attract the most likes.

Images with a good amount of texture see good results on Instagram. And you don’t always have to use actual photographs. For example, “Instructographics” are often illustrated posts that utilize a number of elements to convey useful information.

Tips for Facebook

Similar to Instagram, images on Facebook need to be bright. However, the most liked images on Facebook are also lively and have a lot of clarity.

When you research images to post on Facebook, make sure they’re well lit and show a great deal of ingenuity. Don’t be afraid to push your creativity and playfulness, as these traits are a draw for Facebook users. Stay away from stock product images when you can as these will not entice likes or push your users to dig any deeper into your posts as much as unique images.

Twitter Tips

Twitter isn’t the “go to” channel for images, but you can utilize visuals to boost your posts. Again using bright images will lead your audience to engage with your brand.

You need to stay consistent, so design a number of templates that are unique but in the same pattern that users will associate with your brand. Keep it simple, but uniform.

Twitter is another platform where you can use illustrations to draw attention to your posts and boost customer engagement.

Social media marketing is something we take seriously at SJC Marketing. We know how overwhelming it can be for business owners to nail down their outreach with social media, and it’s so easy to make mistakes that reflect poorly on your brand. Let us handle it. We’ll bring something unique to each of your social media channels.