Flashback Friday: To Kill a Twitterbird

Remember when everyone was talking about whether Twitter could survive the popularity of other social media platforms? It seemed impossible that Twitter could make it another year, simply because it lacked the flash and versatility of a Facebook or Instagram.

In a 2016 blog post, SJC Marketing discussed the likelihood of a Twitter demise, determining that, in short, it simply doesn’t matter. If you’re working your analytics and being smart with targeting your audience, you’re investing in the platforms that generate leads and engagement for your company. If Twitter were to go up in smoke, your balanced approach would require an adjustment and you’d move on.

The verdict? Well, of course our levelheaded approach paid off! We get to look super social media savvy with our “just relax” attitude, and you were reassured that you could tweet away. And it turns out that Twitter holds a little more staying power than most people anticipated.

As the original post discussed, the Internet has seen a lot of social media platforms rise in popularity and then settle down to a lower rung on the ladder, following a simple “survival of the fittest” model. Citing MySpace as the most visible example of this, it was a popular platform with a lot of users, but it was simply bested by a better version of its core function by Facebook.

Like that quirky kid in class that you never noticed until you sit next to her in algebra and find out she’s really snarky, Twitter remains one of the more popular social media sites. It never sits at the top of the stack, but it’s still an important player in the mix.

While 73% of adults in the United States use YouTube, only 24% use Twitter. Still, almost a quarter of the population is a pretty good reach, if your target market tends to hang out there. Facebook came in at 68%, with a distant third of 35% using Instagram.

Should you keep using Twitter? Yes, if that’s where you effectively reach your target audience. If you need advice about navigating the world of social media marketing, contact us at SJC Marketing.