Five Handy Tips for Creative Content

Creative content looks different in every industry. However, every reader appreciates a writer makingContent Creation 3 the information easy to digest with short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and subtitles. Each writer has his or her own flair, but these rules for creative content can help your brand gain the readership that it needs:

An Interesting Title

The key to peaking your audience’s interest and opening a link is a creative title. It really doesn’t matter if the content in the article is the most amazing thing you’ve ever read unless you open the link. Avoid, however, being too sensational with your title. A good analogy may be fitting, but be conscious of your audience.

Choosing the Right Platform

Just like you act differently while you’re in the office compared to when you’re at a football game with friends, each platform calls for a business to act appropriately for the medium. As a general rule, keep your content short, relevant and visually appealing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but more formal and industry-focused on LinkedIn.

Always Come Back to the Strategy

Just because you are using the same strategy does not mean the content cannot be creative. Experimenting with different creative content ideas for the same strategy and measuring how well they work can be a huge benefit for your brand. People have the tendency to focus on the creativity instead of how it will bring value to their brand, so keep in mind to filter everything you do through your strategy.

Be Transparent

When it comes down to it, people connect with people. They value honesty, reliability and building relationships. When it comes to choosing a business or brand, your audience wants to know about your team, including management, employees and spokespersons. Being transparent is not only what you stand for, but owning up to mistakes.

Milk It

Whether it is your band’s creation or a meme that has been shared 2 million times, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you post something. Milk your own content or build upon it because it has taken so much of your time and money to create. If you’re looking beyond your content, try other trendy things that people can easily identify. Grumpy cat can help you on Twitter to get your brand’s name connected to well-known memes. Building off of existing content can really help your marketers work smarter instead of harder.

Creative content allows your brand to be linked to innovative ideas and memorable concepts in the minds of your target market. Keeping content aligned with your marketing strategy is really important to gaining a favorable attitude with current and potential customers. Using content in the best way possible is hard to do, but SJC can help! Contact us today to see what a strategic marketing plan can do for your business.

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