Are Facebook’s Updated News Feed Guidelines Leaving Your Company a Little Hungry?

Facebook marketing

In January, Facebook debuted some new guidelines for their news feed, creating a new set of algorithms designed to favor friends and family over business pages. The move had marketing executives all over the globe wondering if their brand would suddenly be starved for attention on the social media platform.

“The change in how users are fed content,” says CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “represents a desire to combat some of the negative emotional consequences that are being documented among Facebook users.” In short, many people report feeling worse after visiting Facebook, whether that’s due to seeing too many ads or too many friends on fancy vacations. What about you? Are you thrilled to see more of your friends, or were you really just there for the “Which Disney Princess Are You?” quizzes?

The reality is that, for businesses, the changes mean that you might be seeing an impact on your engagement, but in a lot of ways, your ability to remain relevant in the news feed means just getting even better at what you’re already doing:

Engaging posts: As always, Facebook will prioritize those posts that naturally drive engagement. This is more of an art than a science; ask your audience to share or comment and you’re likely to remain in obscurity. Create a post that draws a response by its sheer relevance or concept and you’re likely to do well on the feed.

Vary your content types: Again, this is a technique that should already be in your toolbox, but be sure that you aren’t only posting text status updates or focusing too much on one format. Video is the new trending format on Facebook and other social media platforms, so be sure to include some video in the mix. It’s great for engagement; it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to produce if you have a smartphone and it gives your audience the brand experience.

Invest in a community: Whether it’s customer testimonials or user-generated content, it’s a good idea to get your audience in on the fun with Facebook. Building a community around your brand helps you harness the power of the new algorithm determining the order of the news feed, but it also builds a group of brand advocates that will freely share and comment on your content.

Buy some ads: You can invest in some paid Facebook ads to ensure that you stay in front of your target audience. You’ll have to determine a budget based on how much return you were getting on your regular Facebook posting.

Get to know some other platforms: If you’ve been focused on Facebook, now is a great time to diversify your approach. If you’re a visually-oriented company, Instagram might be a great place to start, and LinkedIn is a good platform for any B2B company.

If you’re still trying to navigate the new Facebook guidelines, or if every time you get on the platform you get caught up trying to figure out what celebrity you look like, talk to our team at SJC Marketing. Our social media management team is always up on the latest changes and trends on Facebook and can help you get the brand engagement you want.