Enjoy Your Monday Morning Coffee and Ponder the Words “Sharing is Caring”

Monday Morning Coffee

Sharing is caring is a phrase you might already be familiar with.  It is a bit of a Mr. Rogers-esque piece of advice, but think of the value it holds – not just for the average toddler, but for your business as well.

We’re not talking about sharing your business with a competitor, but more sharing your business with an organization that’s in a completely different realm.

When you think about partnering with a non-profit organization, it’s easy to see the benefits for them, which are so important.  But did you know there can are also be benefits for your company? You’re spot on if you think it will make you feel good about what you’re doing, but your business could also reap rewards if it is done correctly.

When partnering with another organization, the “partner” is key.

Letting the non-profit organization do all the planning may seem like the best idea, but you need to be involved too. There’s nothing wrong with letting them take the leash (after all, they’re hopefully going to get a lot out of the event for a worthwhile cause), but you know your customers and business best.

Utilize everyone’s assets.

Do they have Facebook? Great! Do you have Facebook? Even better! Advertise the event on both of your pages regularly. A one-time post a few days before the event isn’t enough. Don’t stop there, you can get A LOT of great press for doing a charity event. Send a press release out to the local media and follow up with them about getting actual coverage before, during and after the event. You have resources and reach, and so does the non-profit. Get a flyer, brochure or invitation designed and put it where people will see it and get out in the community to engage with people. Face-to-face is always best.

We know, this all sounds great, but we haven’t quite gotten to how this can be a benefit for your company. Read on, we’re almost there!

The Pizza Ranch in Maryville, MO recently partnered with the New Nodaway Humane Society for a fundraising event and the cats and dogs aligned perfectly because this event was a howling success. Both businesses executed on the above tactics and the event ran smoothly. The best part: the shelter raised some much needed funds and Pizza Ranch got a lot of good, free press. Plus, they got people in the door, many of whom were not regular customers. Now that’s a tail wagging story!

Marketing for your business can be challenging on your own, especially when you’re busy running the business. Give SJC Marketing a call to discover the benefits of partnering with us!