Is Your Email Marketing Strategy Focused on Personalization?

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The Key to Using Emails Successfully as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Email remains an effective way to connect with your target audience. While the technology is officially over the hill, turning 40 last year, it received a big boost of importance when smartphones made it possible for people to check email while they’re in the grocery line, sitting in a meeting or waiting for a cavity to be filled. That’s why email marketing should be a cornerstone of your communications with your audience.

The key to using email in a successful marketing strategy is personalization. If your company’s idea of personalization is plugging the person’s first name into an email, then this blog post is for you. Take a look at three major components for successful email personalization:

Segmentation: This is an easy first strategy for personalizing your email marketing. Use what you know from demographics, purchase history and customer personas to send sets of emails to smaller groups of your target audience.

Create emails that use subject lines and content that are likely to be opened by your segment. Maybe your email contains a link to a blog that’s targeted to that segment or it includes a promotion on a product that they’ve purchased in the past.

Segmentation also includes a frequency component. You’ll want to send emails more often to your repeat customers, but if someone has purchased from you once and it was several months ago, don’t send daily emails or you’re likely to get the dreaded unsubscribe.

Behaviors: Personalize your emails based on your target audience’s behaviors in order to increase leads and sales. If they’ve been browsing through a particular line of products, or they put an item in the cart but left it there, this is a perfect time for a behavior-driven, personalized email.

Keep it light and friendly. If you can manage to strike a perfect balance where the effect is that your company appears to be anticipating the customer’s needs, you’re likely to boost your sales.

Landing pages: Make sure that when you send a personalized email with a link, your landing page delivers what was promised. For instance, an email that features a 40 percent off link should take your website visitors to a landing page with matching text and graphics that, when clicked, leads directly to the sale items.

A good landing page is relatively simple, with a clear message about what the visitor is accessing. You could include a short customer testimonial or a simple image, but this should not be a busy page.

You would quickly exhaust the resources of your marketing strategy if you sent individual emails to every potential lead, but your target audience should have every reason to believe that you are doing just that. If you need assistance crafting a highly-personalized email marketing strategy, contact SJC Marketing. With just a few well-applied techniques, you can dramatically increase your leads with personalized emails.