Is Your Email Marketing Missing a Personal Touch?

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To Create an Effective Marketing Strategy, You Need to Harness the Data

With all the social media platforms continuously rolling out bigger and better features to help you connect with your target audience, it’s hard to believe that email marketing still provides the best return on investment. It’s easy to think of email as being old (because it is), and less flashy as social media (because it is), but its original attraction still holds power. It’s an efficient tool for one human to communicate with another.

What makes it a powerhouse in your marketing strategy is personalization. A survey that included more than 550 consumers was conducted by Dynamic Yield and found that in North America, more than 60 percent of consumers indicated that they would prefer to receive an email that looked like it was written specifically for them.

Personalization is expected. In an era where Netflix is analyzing viewing behavior to recommend the next show an individual should binge watch, and Pandora and Spotify cultivate personalized playlists, consumers know that companies are gathering information about their habits.

When companies don’t personalize their email marketing, consumers receive a flood of emails that may have nothing to do with them. The largest group of respondents to the survey said that they received between five and 10 emails a day, but the next largest group receives more than 15 emails on a given day. Receiving 15 emails a day that doesn’t offer any personalized value will lead consumers to ignore those emails.

Cultivate loyalty with valuable, personalized content. As you begin to segment your target market to receive personalized content, your email marketing return on investment will improve and you’ll build loyalty among your audience. Instead of blindly deleting any email from your company, they’ll begin to notice subject lines that introduce topics they care about.

Your content should be focused on adding value to the email recipient. If they recently purchased a product, don’t just hammer them with emails inviting them to buy more. Instead, send a link to a video that demonstrates little-known uses for that product or a blog about a related topic. A company that has a constant sales-y tone in their emails is like the sales associate that won’t stop pushing the upsell or follows you around when you’re browsing; it’s annoying and it will make the consumer avoid the hassle of dealing with your company.

Instead, avoid the sales pitch and think about the challenges your potential customers are facing. How can you add value for them, while also demonstrating your expertise on the topic?

Email marketing remains a powerful component of your marketing strategy if you apply personalization to your techniques to bring value to your audience. You’ll build a base of loyal customers and cultivate a reputation for being a leading voice in your industry.

If you need assistance harnessing the data to create personalization, or if you’re not sure how to begin with email marketing, contact our marketing team at SJC Marketing. We help our clients craft emails that deliver growth to their company by adding value to the consumer. Give us a call!

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