Email Marketing Best Practices Start With Your Email List

email marketing best practices

Raising Positive Brand Awareness Through Email Communications

If you’re a company just starting out, it may seem important to get a boost in your initial marketing objectives by purchasing an email address list. Email marketing best practices focus on raising positive brand awareness which is difficult to do with a purchased list. Sure, a purchased list would give you quick access to a lot of addresses, but there are a few good reasons why they aren’t the best choice for a strong email campaign:

You could be buying a lot of bad addresses: When you purchase an email list, you tend to receive a lot of fake or outdated addresses, which means you may be lucky to get even 25 percent of quality email addresses. For email marketing to be effective, you need to reach real people that care about what you have to offer.

You could get labeled a spammer: If you send out 100 emails through a purchased list, and only 10 percent are good addresses, your server may deem your communications spam and that’s not good for your brand.

The return on investment for leads tends to be low: What you’re trying to accomplish with email marketing best practices is to create and nurture leads for your company. This implies that your recipients are members of your target audience that are likely to click on your email and extend that activity to include visiting your website. This doesn’t happen as often with a purchased list.

Showing up uninvited is not good for your brand: You can expect that, even if a few real people receive your email, you’re likely to get some quick unsubscribe requests from people that have no interest in your emails being in their inbox. If you want positive brand awareness, consider this the equivalent of showing up at a new friend’s house for dinner uninvited.

Instead, try an organic email address list: Sure, it’s easier to purchase a list, but email marketing best practices include building your own organic email list. You may start slowly, but there are ways to get rolling and build a respectable list in a short amount of time.

Try offering a valuable piece of content or a promotional coupon in exchange for a visitor’s email address. You can post this offer on social media as a starting point. If you don’t get a lot of activity at first, try mixing up the offering a bit until you find the right item that interests visitors enough to subscribe to your email newsletters and offers.

Raising brand awareness rarely comes easily. If you try to do a quick fix, you’ll find that it’s not helpful for building up your lead generation efforts. Talk with our team at SJC, and we’ll help you find the right mix for building a good email marketing campaign.

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