Effective Advertising for Small Businesses

8 Small Business Tips to Help You Connect With Your Audience

“Content marketing is the only marketing left,” ad guru Seth Godin has famously said. Blasting your advertisingadvertising for small business message to the masses is both expensive and ineffective. Consumer behavior has shifted dramatically; now you have to earn loyalty and trust by telling stories they want to hear. When advertising for small businesses, you need the right message in the right place. How can you create content for your small business to stand out and connect personally with customers?

Build Your Audience

It used to be expensive to find subscribers and collect and manage mailing lists. With today’s technology, however, all the web’s a stage. Finding an audience is less about recruiting subscribers and more about being found. The key to being found is serving up the right content.

Develop Insightful Content

This is where many small businesses miss the boat. Content for content’s sake is not effective advertising for small businesses. You have to provide insightful, useful information to build trust and become the go-to resource for your audience.

Niche is Nice

One of the best ways to do this is through highly targeted content that plays to your strengths. To go big, you must go small. Focus on a content niche where you can become the expert.

Know Your Audience

This is Marketing 101, but it is surprising how often businesses lose sight of this. They fall into the trap of believing their customers mirror their own personal preferences or behaviors. Ask the important questions: Who are you are trying to influence? What are his or her pain points? How can you ease that pain? The content you create has to speak directly to your core audience.

Find the Right Channel

The greatest media brands in the world all started by owning one channel. At the early stages in your small business advertising, it is particularly important to find one channel that you can make your own. It should make sense for your target audience as well as your company’s culture. Some options include:

  • Regular blog posts
  • Video series
  • Webinars
  • E-newsletter
  • Podcast
  • Social media posts
  • Print newsletter or magazine

Be Consistent

The primary hallmark of successful content marketing is consistency – in both quality and delivery. Whether you are asking your audience to subscribe to a monthly webinar or daily e-news, make sure you fulfill this obligation. Deliver on the promise of your content.

Be Unique

The greatest content marketers have a specific voice that makes a personal connection with their audience. Your content must have a personality.

Subscription = Success

Owned subscription sources, like email subscribers or blog followers, are vital because you own that data. Secondary subscription sources, such as Twitter followers or YouTube subscribers, are important for gaining an audience, but ideally businesses should try to convert this group to direct subscribers.

With each weekly email or regular blog post, you will build relationships and watch your audience grow. That trust and engagement infuses your marketing message with sincerity, and that is what truly influences behavior.

We hope you can use these small business tips to help develop genuine connections with your customers. To learn more about how to engage with your audience, visit us at SJC Marketing.