Digital Tools Change the Face of Customer Service


Digital tools have introduced an unprecedented opportunity for brands to improve their customer service. At the same time, digital tools have also opened doors of opportunity to prospective customers. Customers can now complete all of their pre-purchase research without ever speaking to a salesperson. A review on Facebook, Google and or another websites could make or break the sale without you ever have the chance to interact with the prospective customer.

In order for brands to maintain influence in the decision-making process, they have to be intentional about creating digital touch points where they can engage, converse with and get feedback from customers. When you view digital touch points as an opportunity to demonstrate exceptional customer service, you set your brand apart as one that truly cares about its audience. Look for the ways you can provide value to your audience by providing solutions to customer concerns, answers to their questions and resolutions in the case that you discover a bad review or a customer reports a fault in their experience.

At SJC Marketing, we routinely help clients evaluate their digital media presences and identify ways to improve customer service at digital touch points. We recognize that many brands don’t have the staff necessary to consistently engage and converse with their target audience. Our team bridges the gap to ensure our client’s target audience is connected with the information needed for decision making and enjoys a stellar purchase experience.

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