Digital Media Makes Availability and Immediacy Paramount in Your Marketing Strategy

Digital media has greatly increased the expectations consumers have for the way brands fulfill customer service. Consumers can interact with your brand at any time of day via digital media. While this expands the window of opportunity for sales, it simultaneously expands the window of availability your brand needs to maintain.

It’s no longer okay to respond within two or three days of a customer inquiry. Brands have to make sure they’re able to respond to a customer’s question or comment within an hour or two. Availability and immediacy have become paramount to a successful marketing strategy.

We play a critical role in helping many brands achieve the level of availability and response time consumers expect. Small businesses need the extra manpower and expertise an experienced marketing team can provide; and larger businesses often outsource content creation in order to devote internal personnel to these critical customer service opportunities.

We encounter many business owners who are concerned that including digital media in customer service will take away the personal touch behind their brand. Digital media actually expands the personal touch your brand extends to consumers. People still want to know that there’s an actual person behind the computer screen or behind the keyboard who will listen to their concerns. Failure to respond or choosing not to engage with consumers digitally only makes your consumers feel abandoned and isolated. If you choose to maintain a digital presence for your brand, which is crucial in our increasingly digital world, you are shouldering the responsibility to also engage consumers digitally.