Digital Marketing in 2015

The new year is always a good time to step up your game; kick it up a notch; try new things, right? By now, it’s well understood that image-centric social media is an extremely valuable part of your digital presence as a brand. Visuals will only continue to be vital to your overall social media strategy, so here are four tips to keep in mind as you revamp your traditional and digital marketing in 2015.

  1. Try New Things
    SJC was built on copywriting, so text and content is always priority. One of the best ways to provide quality image-centric social media is to incorporate text to your images. Using a website like PicMonkey or Canva can be a very simple and quick way to create the images you want for your strategy.
  2. Think About Your Content
    Your images should always complement your content. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using to share the image, it needs to have something to do with your text or the link you’ve associated it with. Since the old saying really is true, “A picture is worth a thousand words” be sure the words you pair with your image-centric social media enhance, instead of confuse your audience.
  3. Explore Infographics
    Infographics are an easy way to give your audience the best of both worlds. You provide them with an image, but they are really getting all the information from a blog or an article. Take pieces that you have already written, especially those that have been consistently popular, and rework them into an infographic.
  4. Image Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is talked about frequently, but image optimization is often forgotten about. The file name is anSEO 8 important aspect of your image-centric social media strategy. When uploading a particular file to a platform, that file name becomes a part of the side of things that customers don’t see. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Use great keywords to describe the photo. It’s a small way to provide another tag for your image.

Image-centric social media is an opportunity to let your creative ideas flow. It’s a way for you to provide fresh content to your audience and connect with them on a different level. That sounds like the perfect way to start 2015. Contact SJC today to find out how we can help you!