Are You Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy Around the Buyer’s Journey?

Effectively Reaching Your Target Audience Through Content

While every company may call it something different, the buyer’s journey or buy cycle should determine the way you craft your content marketing. For each stage of the journey, you should produce helpful content that aids your potential customer in their purchasing decision. The three broad stages of any buyer’s cycle are awareness, consideration and decision.

Many companies know that they’re supposed to use content marketing as a resource, but too many marketing teams think of content from their own perspective, not the customer’s. On an episode of The Office, Dwight takes a job at Staples and is disgusted when a coworker has never heard of his prior employer, paper company Dunder Mifflin. It’s the center of the universe to him, but it’s largely unknown. Here are a few important tips for your content marketing:

Don’t be Dwight. The most effective way to reach your target audience is to assume that they don’t know who you are. When potential customers begin looking online for a product or service that meets their needs, they generally begin with an inquiry that doesn’t include a name brand. You need to organize your content around the keywords and topics that concern your target audience.

When your customer is at the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, they’re not looking for a specific brand; they’re simply trying to solve a problem. This is the stage that demands that your ranking is high on search engines. Use analytics to understand the keywords that your target audience is using to find products or services that you provide.

Add value. About 80 percent of your content marketing budget should be spent producing value-added pieces for the consideration and awareness stages of the buyer’s journey. You should be answering a common question, solving a problem or discussing a trending topic in your industry.

At this stage, you should never be trying to close a deal. If you invite your audience to make a decision when they’re still in the consideration stage, you’ll lose them. Instead, your goal is to build your reputation as a reliable resource, an expert,and engage them in comments or invite them to check out your other resources.

Close the deal. When it’s decision time, you’re still thinking value. Don’t push them to buy; instead, offer specific promotions on the product they’ve been considering or invite them to an event you’re hosting. By the time they’ve reached the decision phase, they’re still looking for the company that they can trust, and that is looking out for their needs.

The right content marketing strategy is available to you. Reach out to SJC Marketing to learn more about the wide variety of ways to reach your target audience. We look forward to hearing from you.