Have You Developed Your Brand Story?

brand story

Improve Trust With Your Target Audience by Sharing Your Story

If there is one common denominator among successful businesses it is that they have marketed themselves in such a way that they stand out among the crowd. These marketing efforts often include a consistent commitment to networking events; many hours identifying target audience preferences, and developing a brand story that imparts the right vision of your company. But before you do anything, you have to know your brand’s purpose.

When you know your purpose, your target audience will be more likely to connect with you. Remember as you investigate your purpose, clients and potential clients are more enticed to do business with you not because of what you produce, but why you produce it. Developing the right brand story means your target audience buys into who you are not just your product.

One of your goals as a marketer needs to be developing a brand story that offers a deeper meaning than just the product alone. For instance, Dove sells soap, but customers are loyal to the company because they are also selling self-esteem. Dove targets the subject on their website and in social media, and it has become part of their brand story, and it helps the buying public relate to the company.

How much of an impact does your business have on your community? Big name brands like Walgreens and Starbucks frequently reach out with community services, which becomes part of their brand story. They also address environmental responsibility. This proves to the target audience that the company is about more than just making a profit – they also want to improve the world in which we live. You can do your part by sponsoring little league teams, hosting a fund drive for a community event, becoming active on your local social service boards – anything that has a positive impact on your community.

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