Customer Acquisition Strategies That Work While You’re Not

How to Market Your Business With Consistent Content

Wouldn’t it be great to know your business was consistently being promoted by a powerful engine of messages, evencustomer acquisition strategies when you’re not at your workstation? Customer acquisition strategies are designed to carry out that function, especially when placed effectively within your overall marketing plan. If you’re wondering how to market your business in a more targeted and efficient way, read on for concepts that apply to businesses of all sizes.

Customer acquisition strategies can take many forms. A recent poll from eMarketer of online retailers reported more than 25 channels for consumer messaging and acquisition, with search engine optimization at the top as a method 85 percent of retailers utilize. In second place was organic traffic — which is achieved by a steady stream of valuable, keyword-focused content driving audiences to your website, online store or blog page.

A surprising element near the top of the poll list is direct mail. Even if you’re a smaller organization considering how to market your business, direct mail can be effective. Try a series of response-driven postcards or partner up with a local cause-based organization for a customer letter. Make sure the call to action prompts readers to go to your website or social media channels to get involved in the conversation, at the very least, if you’re not doing a special addition like a coupon or discount. (Yes, audiences still love a bargain; perhaps more now than ever.)

Don’t fence yourself in when it comes to customer acquisition methods. YouTube videos that show the “behind the scenes” experience of your team or your service can be highly effective. Social media ads and text-based discounts continue to gain strength in terms of generating customer response. Even a referral program, announced with a mix of these platforms, can surge your business forward to a new audience base.

You’ve likely viewed a few automated marketing resources as part of your marketing strategy. These are sophisticated and content-driven, creating customer relationships with a series of campaigns that eventually result in leads. Ultimately, tools like Marketo allow you to run several targeted message campaigns simultaneously with less time and work than managing multiple channels independently or manually. Even smaller organizations can see value from this type of investment.

As you consider which acquisition strategies are best for you, start with good data. Knowing who your customers are and what they respond to is the foundation for any consistent campaign. Today, reach out to our team at SJC Marketing. We’re experienced in automated platforms and traditional lead-generation tools. We can find the mix that’s just right for you — and help you make that engine run while you’re enjoying some quality time unplugged.