Custom Fit Your Campaigns Using Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools Offer Valuable Insights

There are an estimated 974 million existing Twitter accounts today. While not all of these users are active, there aresocial media tools still large amounts of people who can possibly connect to your brand via Twitter. However, it takes more than just opening an account and throwing out a tweet every now and then. With the right social media tools and an effective strategy, you can connect with more possible consumers.

As of late 2013, Twitter had about 100 million active daily users. Around 35 percent of these active users log on to their accounts more than once a day. If you know who your audience is, you’ll have a better chance at attracting these visitors to your marketing campaigns. Fortunately, Twitter is making it easier by offering social media tools that improve your chances.

Twitter’s audience insights tool does exactly what it sounds like it does – it gives Twitter users more insights into who their audience is, giving them a better chance at hitting their targets.

Marketers love data because when correctly analyzed, data holds the clues to customer behavior, and the more we know about our target audience, the better we can cater to them. Twitter’s new social media tools give users a glimpse into their audiences’ purchasing behavior, their mobile usage, favorite television shows, lifestyle choices including career, and the usual demographic data, such as marital status, income and gender.

When you pinpoint the information above, you can custom fit your social media campaign in such a way that the content will produce action on the part of your audience. In some cases, this data has led to developers enriching their mobile apps for specific phones. For instance, if your target audience leans heavy toward the iPhone, you can spend more time developing apps specifically for the iPhone. This information is often difficult to gather unless you have social media tools that give you these insights.

Of course, it takes more than just social media tools to add value to your social media campaigns. You have to design, develop and create content that will keep your audience engaged. You might know who they are and what they like, but unless you can develop consistent creative content, you’re campaigns will struggle.

The professionals at SJC Marketing know how to run effective campaigns and can develop content for organizations in many industries. Connect with us and we’ll get you connected with a larger audience.

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