Creating Valuable Content in Your SEO Strategy

Engaging Your Audience While Focusing on SEO

A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy includes two important tenets: catering to the target audience andSEO pleasing Google. It sounds simple, but it’s really an ever-changing landscape that requires attention to the rules of the search engine and the needs of the audience.

There is more than one search engine out there, but 85 percent of searches happen on Google, which is why you want to place your focus on what they require in their search rankings. The challenge is, you can’t be 100 percent sure what Google wants because they keep their algorithms a secret. However, we can glean enough to help as you put together your SEO strategies.

Google doesn’t search the entirety of the Web when you enter a search term. Instead, Google uses computer programs to continuously search the Internet for information, which it stores in massive datacenters around the globe. The information the programs search includes words on pages, how often they are utilized, how often they are shared or bookmarked, and what entity bookmarks them or shares them.

You need to ask yourself the question: “Is my website searchable by Google and is it indexable?” If the answer is “no,” you will struggle in your SEO attempts.

Equally important in your SEO strategy is your ability to connect with the audience. Your writing should indicate that you are familiar with the wants and needs of your target audience, and it will be the conduit through which you will establish a community of users looking to engage in similar topics.

You also want to keep your audience from bouncing to other sites. You want them to feel engaged and spend time searching on your website. There are many elements involved in this scenario, but the most important is the ability to create content they want to see.

What if your website has an excellent first page and users get what they need from it and bounce off? Google considers various metrics, like the nature of your site, the time one spends on your page, social mentions and incoming links, all of which are used to decipher good bounces from bad bounces. This is valuable information for you as you evaluate your SEO strategies.

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