Creating Authenticity in Your Content Marketing

Content marketing shouldn’t be all about the sell. It’s about authentic connection with your audience.

Content Marketing That’s About Connections

Authentic content adds value and provides a connection to your audience, but many marketers exchange this higher level of content marketing for something less that is all about the sale. You want to market your product, but not at the expense of losing your audience. It’s a fine line, and authenticity is the differentiator.

Authenticity is the ability to speak in a human voice to your audience and talk about the topics that are important to them. When you’re inauthentic, you’re that auto salesman that keeps talking about the cup holders in the car, when the customer wants to know about the engine. Authenticity is knowing what’s important to your target audience, and then presenting information in a way that serves their needs. Here are some practical applications:

It’s all about you. This may be a surprising first topic in a blog about authenticity, but authenticity is about showing your true nature as a company. This might mean a behind-the-scenes look at your headquarters on an Instagram Story, or an appearance on your podcast from someone inside your company that can give advice about how to best maintain the equipment you sell. It can also be a live video where you experience with your audience the thrill of trying out a brand-new product line that your company is debuting.

It’s all about quality. Creating authentic content around your brand also includes a focus on what the customer’s pain points are. Your content marketing should include a heavy focus on problem-solving, discussions of important topics and bringing value to your audience. Put simply, invest a lot of your content budget on caring about your audience’s problems and helping them solve them.

It’s all about them. There are a lot of ways to pull in additional perspectives into your content marketing that increases your credibility. Invite one of your business partners to write a guest blog about how they’ve solved a particular challenge with your product, or ask a few of your best customers to write a testimonial for display on your website. You can create an Instagram contest where participants contribute pictures of either something product-related or just for fun.

Building authenticity into your content marketing is easy when you work with SJC. Our team has some great ideas for helping you grow your sales through a better connection with your target audience. Contact us today.

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