Is Your Content Marketing Working to Increase Leads as a Part of Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

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3 Things You Can Do to Improve Lead Generation With Content Marketing 

In B2B marketing, you can achieve some great goals, such as improving brand recognition or encouraging click-throughs on your email newsletter with quality content. However, if you’ve ever talked with your company’s sales managers, you know that it is also critical that your content marketing is working to increase your lead generation.

Coming up with high quality content that is attention-grabbing, timely and informative requires a lot of time and resources, and if it’s not leading to increased sales leads, it can make you question what you are doing. How can you ensure your B2B marketing efforts aren’t being wasted?

Create valuable content. You can pull some cool stunts that get people to watch a video, or you can create click-bait headlines for your blogs, but if your goal is lead generation, your content can take you even further than these tricks. You need to center your content marketing plan on pieces that add value for your potential buyers and help solve pain points for them. It is important to establish your company as a resource for helpful information and expert insight.

Design well-planned landing pages. It’s not going to matter how great your content is if your landing page is frustrating to use or doesn’t include basic elements designed to convert your target audience to buyers. A few basics:

  • A clear call to action, with click through buttons that stand out
  • Clear headlines
  • Trust indicators, like a money-back guarantee or a trial period
  • The ability to see important information without scrolling

Include case studies in your content mix. Writing a case study puts a real-life face on your content marketing. It’s a more interesting way for your potential buyers to find out your values and your strengths. Make sure to use clear examples of your success, rather than stretching a story to demonstrate your influence on a client’s problem-solving. While you may wonder if case studies are appealing to your audience, they are actually an interesting way to show, rather than tell, what you’re all about.

While B2B marketing requires some trial and error to see what works for lead generation, you should be measuring what’s working to inspire growth and what’s not. To learn more, talk with our team at SJC Marketing. We can help you make sure that the resources going to lead generation are working to increase leads that result in new sales for your company.

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