Content Marketing Trends for 2015: Quick Dos and Don’ts

Thinking about your message strategy for the coming new year? You should know what experts say are the “must dos” and the “don’ts” for 2015.

Before you read on, know this – to be successful, your message strategy needs to be carefully planned and laid out. Within an editorial calendar include your keywords, your content delivery tools, subject areas and who will be responsible for carrying out the work.

Once that’s done, here are some content marketing trends to know for 2015:Content Marketing Strategy 3

1. It’s ok to talk directly with one or two customers online…especially when they’re your exact target. Taking the time to converse and respond with key customer advocates online can indeed pay off into leverage for more customers. Don’t overlook this as an opportunity.

2. Pay for some social network ads. Know the ad platforms that’ll mean the most to your customer base, and put some cost here into your budget. Paid and boosted ads are even more important than ever as changes to social media mean less and less of no-charge ads or promotions popping up in front of your audience.

3. Diversify your content and let people subscribe to it. This may be the time to boost and promote a whitepaper with an email capture field, or that catchy new video you’ve been thinking about. Subscriber-based tools are gaining more value all the time, and there are more options than just joining an email subscriber list. Don’t limit yourself in terms of content pieces your audience will subscribe to or join a group for.

4. Build in some time to talk with a marketing professional as you look at your strategy for 2015. More businesses are setting aside budget dollars for outside help and consultant activities, which frees up more time for them to do what they do best. It’s pretty nice in 2015 to scratch that marketing strategy off your list because you’ve hired an experienced pro to handle it for you.

Ready to talk about how you’ll grow in 2015? So are we. Contact our team at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions to talk about a new marketing strategy that aligns with content marketing trends in 2015 (and can even rise above them).