Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Should be Driven by Data and Goals


How do you determine the frequency with which content should be distributed and what detriments come with ignoring data? At SJC Marketing, there are several factors we take into consideration when we’re establishing a content distribution strategy:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What channels does your target audience frequent?
  • How much time does your target audience spend on each channel?
  • What time of day does your target audience frequent each channel?
  • How often does your target audience engage with your brand?
  • Is there a time of day when your target audience is more likely to engage with your brand?

Each of these pieces of data gives us insight into the locations and windows of time where the target audience is most likely to see content and engage with a specific brand. The prime locations and timing will differ depending on the industry and even the audience segment, so it’s extremely important that each business establish a system for measuring their own data.

Setting realistic, measurable goals is a key element of the measuring process, as it establishes the unique expectations for the brand and the data most valuable to the brand’s growth and success. With your unique data, you can tweak elements of your content marketing strategy to ensure you’re reaching your goals every time. Ignoring the data can cause you to miss out on the channels your target audience frequents and your content distribution strategy will be poorly timed, missing the window of opportunity for engagement.

We’ve been helping brands incorporate data and goals into their content marketing strategy for over a decade. Using the tactics above, we give brands the ability to consistently connect with their target audience in order to build the relationships that drive brand awareness and loyalty. We’re happy to help your brand do the same.

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