Content Marketing Through Authentic Storytelling

Content marketing is at its best when it’s authentic and includes real stories about real people.

Create Authentic Content That Connects With Audiences

Authenticity is a critical component of content marketing, and it’s no secret that much of what you see in marketing messages is anything but. It often feels like companies are falling short of relating to people in a real way with their messaging.

Creating authentic content often comes down to good storytelling, and good storytelling is something you can master. Take a look at four steps to telling authentic stories in your content marketing:

Determine a moment you want to tell about in your story. Maybe it’s a business that used your software to save associates’ time and it made it possible for all of those associates to get home in time for dinner or make it out with friends that evening. Or perhaps you tell how your batteries light up a campsite when a family on their very first camping trip arrives late and must set up a tent in the dark.

Telling a good story means capturing the value to your audience. Don’t think about selling your product; think about the problems your product solves or the opportunities it creates.

Use your authentic voice. Every message and every piece of content your company produces should speak in a consistent voice. Are you a fun-loving music-sharing site, or are you a more serious financial institution that, once in a while, shows a bit of dry humor? Determine your voice, and don’t ever stray from it. Think of it this way: what would your company sound like if they were a real person?

Map your story. You’ve seen enough movies and read enough books to recognize a basic plot arc, but you’ll still want to map yours out. Draw in your audience first with a compelling problem or challenge. Next, introduce a suspense-inducing pivot before you end things on a memorable, glow-y note. This may all need to be done in a 30-second video segment, or you may have a few pages to draw it all out in a detailed case study, but the elements remain the same.

Throughout the process, keep your focus outward. Constantly put yourself in the customer’s shoes. They don’t care about the abstract values you’ve assigned to your brand or that you outpace competitors for certain industry benchmarks. They care about the problem you’re going to solve for them, or the way you’ll make life better. Keep that at the center of your story.

At SJC Marketing, we’re always telling stories. If you need help telling your story through authentic content marketing pieces, turn to the master storytellers at SJC. We can help you connect with your target audience through a meaningful, memorable narrative. Contact us today.