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Your Guide to Immersive Content

While blogs and white papers have a key role in your content creation, it’s important to create an engaging experience with your content. You can incorporate images and video into a carefully choreographed encounter that pulls your audience in for a full taste of your brand.

Here are the steps you can take to create immersive content:

Decide what you want to accomplish with your immersive content. Are you showcasing a project you’ve finished, or debuting a new product line? Maybe you’ve changed your entire brand message or you’ve determined a new mission for your organization. Your immersive content needs to be about a specific event, or you risk it not being about anything.

Create a storyboard. Content creation should be focused on high quality, and in the case of immersive content, this means a well-defined path through the experience. Whether it’s a time progression or a path through a set of concepts, have a defined and clear plan for your content.

Add strong visuals. Your images for your content should be chosen based on a particular theme or color scheme, or a feeling or look you’re trying to achieve. Look for images that will tell a story and pull the viewer into the experience. While some companies have a sizable budget for hiring a professional photographer, don’t be afraid to try some images on your own. A few filters and editing tricks may help you capture the look you want.

Integrate video. Video offers another way to engage with your audience and give a more dynamic segment to your immersive content. Make a plan for your video: will it give more details about an aspect of your content, or is it a testimonial about your brand? Use a strategic approach to include a video that adds, rather than takes away, from your audience’s experience.

Include exciting text. Whether it’s interactive or motion text, use words as a way to broaden the experience and expand the excitement. Text may be necessary to explain the visuals, but think of it as providing another opportunity to connect with your audience.

Immersive content is a whole new way to provide a brand experience for your audience and it can be an exciting form of content creation. At SJC Marketing, we love the dynamic creativity that drives immersive content, and we can help you get the right feel for your piece. Give us a call to start the conversation.

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