A Content Creation Strategy for Better Brand Recognition

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Content Marketing Should Educate and Inspire

According to a study by Curata, a content marketing company, 75 percent of marketers have a plan to increase their investment in content marketing in the years ahead. With the increase in content, how can your company put more of a focus on content creation and stand out in the crowd?

Defining Your Brand
If you want to spend wisely on your content marketing, start by defining your brand.

When you define your brand, you’re better able to tell the story behind it and create a company culture that others will buy into. Define in the most basic terms what inspired you to get into the business you’re in right now.

Next, define the values that drive your brand and describe how you provide your customers with solutions to their problems. It is also valuable to personify your brand — describe it like it’s a person. Defining these elements will give you a better overall picture of your brand that will assist you as you build more accurate and valuable content.

Distribute Wisely
The channels you use to distribute your content are a vitally important part of the overall strategy. Is your target audience gathered mostly around LinkedIn or are they a Pinterest crowd? Will a blog be a better option than Instagram?

Every platform has a different tone to it, which means your content has to be built around these parameters. However, the message has to be consistent across all platforms.

Be an Informer, Not a Salesperson
Content marketing is not focused on advertising — it’s an education tool that does much more than attempt to get a consumer into the buy cycle.

The right approach to content creation will nurture a consumer and inform them by answering the questions they have to solve a problem or fill a need. Become an authority in your industry and you will gain respect from your target market.

At SJC Marketing, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make an impact for our clients with quality content marketing. Let us help you define your voice and gain more followers.