Consistent Social Media Activity Safeguards Your Brand’s Image

Our digital world demands that you not only consider your brand’s image within your physical community, but also within your digital community. Just as consistent interaction plays a crucial role in developing relationships offline, it is also a key player when nurturing online relationships. Consistently posting quality content is much like a friendly nod or handshake when your daily activities bring you into contact with a potential customer.

Along the same lines, launching a social media platform and then ignoring it is much like giving someone the cold shoulder. That’s not the image you want consumers to see when they come into contact with your business. You want consumers to view your business as helpful, caring and available to address concerns. Social media is a key touch point for communicating how much you value your consumers. Inconsistency in the way you manage that touch point can harm your business’s reputation.

The businesses that post consistently see a correlating increase in traffic to, and engagement with their social media profiles as well as their websites. They’ve established a reputation with consistent social activity. Consumers know that time and effort will be invested into their satisfaction and that any concerns they have will be promptly addressed.

Even if a portion of your target audience isn’t active on social media, investing in your presence can still be valuable. Social media activity promotes the longevity of your brand by communicating to younger consumers that your brand is forward thinking. In the minds of younger generations, social media activity is the equivalent of a long phone call.

Working with SJC Marketing on a social media strategy allows owners and leaders to continue building their person-to-person relationships without neglecting digital relationships or their long-term business strength.

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