Connecting With Your Audience Through Content Marketing

Authentic Content That Humanizes Your Customer Interactions

Authenticity is a hard word to define in content marketing. It’s easy to spot, and it’s even easier to identify when a company is inauthentic. Creating authentic content can’t be contained in a step-by-step guide, but there are some things you can do to focus on making your brand authentic:

Focus on value. Know your audience, and get extremely familiar with what would add value for them. You should have a good idea what the common problems are, what trends are being discussed and if there’s anything controversial that impacts your audience. Focus on these topics in your content and build your reputation as an authentic voice in your community. Authenticity is a lot about adding value to your audience without having any ulterior motive.

Share who you are as a team. If your team has a quirky habit of jamming out to ’80s music on Monday mornings or if you participate in a goofy costume contest every Halloween, incorporate these into your content marketing. Maybe you sound an air horn on Fridays at 5:00, or you have a step count contest every spring, and your customers might think that’s fun. You don’t have to tell your deepest, personal secrets, but there’s a lot of benefit to demonstrating that you’re a team of individual people, not just a corporate face.

Embrace consistency. No matter what your content marketing strong suit, keep it consistent. Your audience needs to know that they can count on you to do what you always do, which is part of producing authentic content. Also, keep putting your energy into the formats that your audience enjoys. If they consistently read your blog and comment on it, don’t expect them to suddenly shift their allegiance to your weekly live video segment just because you’ve decided you’re going to jump into video with both feet.

Don’t pretend you don’t make mistakes. Until the world has completely shifted to robot rule, there are going to be mistakes (and really robots make mistakes too). You’re human, after all. Acknowledge a mistake, apologize for it and ask how you can make the situation better.

Creating authenticity in your content marketing can feel a bit slippery, but SJC Marketing can help you find your unique brand voice and use it in an authentic way to connect with your audience. Contact us today to get started.