Collaborating for New Content Ideas = Better Listening

Today, we can do it all. We can utilize journalistic skills, create video, write well-read blogs and start social media campaigns … giving you distinct pathways to reach your audience and creating a fusion like you’ve never had before.

The keyword here is “we.” Collaborating on new content ideas has never been this exciting. New arenas like “seek or shout” from Cision are revving up the productivity level and value of content in an environment that resonates community and sharing. You can use sites like this to post your new content, follow others who share your thought streams and get useful, innovative articles for your constant content stream. Create a profile to receive exactly the types of articles you’re looking for, or delve into reviews to save precious time. As part of a content sharing community, you give some and find some.

Collaborating on new content ideas gives us all a forum to share reviews, stories and strategies in distinct areas – and even to ask for help for meeting a deadline or new inspiration for a proposal. Even more, collaborating gives every organization a chance to publish material and contributes to the value and effectiveness of social media as a whole because it extends all of our great content ideas even further.

After all, great content is still about great listening; it’s about having meaningful conversations with your audience and learning what they need aside from all the new tools that continually enter the scene. Through content collaboration, we can hone our listening skills even further.

At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions we are ready to listen and we would love to be a part of your collaborative team. We can help you create a distinct impression through meaningful content and social media campaigns. Contact us today if you are ready to start  reaching your customers in new and innovative ways.

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