Have You Checked Out Unfiltered Marketing Yet?

Is blogging still cool? Yes it’s still a powerful marketing tool.

Listen to the Complete First Season

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Unfiltered Marketing, our podcast at SJC Marketing, you’re missing out on some fun conversation. Each podcast features two of our account holders, with frequent special guests and discussions of current marketing trends.

Our Account Managers, Jen and Anna, recently sat down to do a final episode of the season, with a general recap of the pilot podcast season and a look ahead at the next batch of episodes slated for the fall. It was the first time our podcast has been recorded at our new location. SJC has a new home, with twice the square footage of our old office and with an open, collaborative design that fits our culture at SJC.

The episode usually starts with some discussion of favorite emojis, but this episode went straight for the nostalgic. Anna mentioned that because of the podcast discussions they’ve had thus far, she has a couple of new goals for her life: trying to make her voice sound as sultry as Jen’s and finding more opportunities for getting paid to talk into a microphone.

Anna and Jen each have some favorite episodes from the first season, including having their web designer on the show and the opportunities they had to peer into the creative workings of the pinball machine mind of Rachel McCoy, one of the other Account Managers at SJC.

Looking ahead to season two, the hosts of the program hope to bring in both marketing industry influencers, as well as guests from other industries. One idea is to bring in a company that has a marketing challenge and do some on-program brainstorming and collaboration with the SJC team to give an inside look at how marketing solutions come together.

Another idea involves bringing in an SJC client that has had some success using their ideas and techniques to show how a marketing opportunity brought growth to a company. You may hear of a situation that sounds similar to your own and find out some great tips for improving your marketing strategy.

If you haven’t checked out Unfiltered Marketing yet, take some time to listen to Season one. By following SJC Marketing on Instagram, you can see some behind-the-scenes info and get teasers and info about what’s on each episode. Then, access the podcast through iTunes or through the SJC website.

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If you’re already an Unfiltered Marketing audience member, thanks for listening! And be sure to tune into the latest episode, where our producer included a blooper reel at the end of the broadcast. And yes, Jen and Anna, you really did say “um” that many times in just one episode.