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Social media platforms are powerful channels through which your customer acquisition strategy can flourish.
A Customer Acquisition Strategy That Engages More Consumers

Building an effective customer acquisition strategy is a complex task, but even though there is artistry to this process, there are also proven best practices you should use when you’re developing content and a plan for your outreach. You have many options in your approach to utilizing social media platforms in your customer acquisition strategy […]

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What Amazon Can Teach us About Customer Acquisition and Retention

Strengthen Your Brand Engagement to Get and Keep Customers Maybe you’ve committed to shop local this year, or you may have decided, at least, to try to buy a few things at brick-and-mortar stores when possible. How many times have you thought to yourself, “It’s just so much easier to order from Amazon”? The reality […]

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Is Influencer Marketing a Part of Your Customer Acquisition Strategy?

Reach Your Target Market Through an Influencer Making influencer marketing a part of your customer acquisition strategy is a good move for reaching your target market. Many small- to mid-size companies dismiss the idea of influencer marketing because they wonder how they could possibly make contact with someone that’s influencing on the national level. It’s […]

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