Brand Trends to Watch

Marketing and everything that it encompasses is constantly changing. Keeping up with brand trendsBrand 3 can keep your company appearing innovative and cutting edge. But there are other reasons to pay attention to these three trends and how they can impact your overall business plan.

Corporate Social Responsibility
People love brands that are giving back to their communities. Consider how you can incorporate giving back into your business plan. You’re already doing this? Great. However, does anyone know about it? It is important to create marketing buzz about how you are impacting your community. Create a press release, tell your social followers, post it on your website and ask the organization whom you are donating to also talk about it.

Real-time Marketing
In the world of viral videos and tweets, consumers expect brands to be current with their marketing efforts. Are you an animal shelter and it’s National Pet Adoption Day, don’t miss out on the opportunity to write blogs, email blasts and social media marketing about it. Is there a #hashtag about it? Use it to maximize the viewers of your post and gain followers that way.

Up-to-Date Blogs
Every business should have a blog on their website. Blogs not only create better SEO for your website, but also display you as a thought leader and expert on industry topics. Write about brand trends that your audience would find valuable and write often. It is difficult to find loyal readers without keeping your blog up-to-date by posting at least once each week. Make sure to amplify these posts with social media marketing.

These brand trends are important for your business because it will make your brand likeable, viewable and knowledgeable. Although these three tactics require time and money, they are expected with your customers. If you are looking for professionals who can manage your content and marketing strategies, learn more about the value SJC can add to your brand by visiting our website.

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