Boost Reader Engagement With These Blog Formatting Tips

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Creating a Blog That Keeps Readers Engaged to the End

You’ve spent time researching keywords, you have great content topics and your calls to action are on point. So why aren’t your blogs leading to increased traffic on your website or subscriptions to your eNewsletter? Reader engagement is not an exact science, but there are certain elements that make it more likely to keep the attention of your reader.

Your formatting is key to reader engagement.

Formatting rarely gets mentioned in a brainstorming session, and it’s one of the more dry topics surrounding blog creation, but the wrong formatting will leave your readers bored, overwhelmed or checked out. Formatting needs to be a priority in how you design your blog content.

Use a conversational style. The key to increasing reading engagement is writing the way you talk in an engaging conversation. This may even mean emphasizing certain words with bold or italicized font to express the emotion that you want to convey. If you write like a textbook, you can expect people to treat your blog like a textbook, gathering dust on a basement bookshelf.

Don’t forget, too, to talk in your brand’s voice. If your company is a party supply store, for instance, make your words and phrasing consistently party-poppin’, and deliver valuable information in that celebratory voice.

Keep it snappy. Exhibit A: Long, dragging sentences tend to bore your audience, and after a couple of paragraphs of 10 or more lines of text, your audience will check out and decide to go look elsewhere for information on their topic, dismissing your company and brand as much too sluggish to be relevant.

See how laborious it was to get through that sentence? Blogs are not white papers, nor are they your senior research paper in comparative politics. Keep it snappy to keep reader engagement up. Keep paragraphs short, too, or your readers’ eyes will just glaze over.

Break it up with bullets. When you have several points to make in your blog, make them easy to identify and visually appealing with bullets or sub-headings. Your audience should be able to know what your topic is by your headline and then the basics of your argument from your bolded sub-headings or bullets.

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