Explosive Growth with Blue Valley Telemarketing

Blue Valley Telemarketing (BVTM) is a firm focused on delivering high quality New Business Development, Brand Development, Demographic and Interest-Based Lead Generation services. Supporting the companies operating in the B2B landscape, publishing industry and media since 1991, BVTM has accumulated an immeasurable wealth of knowledge and experience in audience development, database enhancements and most importantly new business development by creating qualified actionable leads, while building rapport with millions of executives.


BVTM had a long history of producing solid lead generation and database qualifying results for customers in the publishing industry. In the process of continuing to promote its value to the customer base, BVTM relied on SJC Marketing to produce content, promote newsletters, implement strategic social media strategies and other activities as identified by the marketing director.

Over time, it became clear that BVTM was missing out on key opportunities in content marketing. As a telemarketing provider that is already interacting with key decision makers in some of the biggest brands in the world, why not position its telemarketing services as a natural extension of content marketing efforts? BVTM is already on the phone with content consumers, offering companies the opportunity to get their content to the right person at the right time with potential to make an impact in the market.

The challenge, however, was that companies leveraging digital technologies to promote their content weren’t considering telemarketing as a natural extension of those efforts. In order to get the BVTM name in front of those professionals who were making key decisions about content distribution, the company needed a whole new B2B marketing digital strategy that included SEO, social media and more content.


In an effort to promote the BVTM name to the right individuals on the right channels, BVTM turned to SJC Marketing to develop the strategic marketing plan for execution. The work included the development of an in-depth brand and marketing strategy that would enable Blue Valley to re-position itself in the market. This strategy process included the development of a strong keyword list, a social media marketing plan, keyword-rich content, a website refresh and ongoing SEO activity and social media engagement.

Both strategies focused on the target market BVTM needed to reach, what those audiences wanted to hear and the best channels through which to distribute that information. In developing a plan around the
right approach, keywords were selected based on extensive market research and the overarching goals of the organization. Using this keyword list, content on the website was optimized and the entire site was updated with a fresh look and navigation.

With a new site came the need for an ongoing focus on SEO best practices as BVTM wanted to drive additional traffic to its website. Relying on the marketing strategy, SEO practices were put in place to attract the right individuals. Likewise, social media engagement was enhanced so that direct conversations were taking place on LinkedIn, connecting primary BVTM representatives with those who could make business decisions about telemarketing and content distribution.


Through five months of actively posting keyword-rich content to the BVTM website, organic search traffic increased by 70 percent. At the same time, implementation of new social media strategies and increased engagement led to an increase in site referrals by 111 percent. Focused activity within LinkedIn, including publishing articles to LinkedIn Pulse, starting conversations in groups and engaging in other collaboration opportunities led to an increase in referrals by 260 percent. Likewise, BVTM was able to claim multiple first page Google search rankings for value keywords, leading to more direct phone calls inquiring about the company’s services.

Overall, BVTM enjoyed greater opportunities for new clients through the tactics employed by SJC Marketing to ensure the company was found online.