Marketing Musings

Does Your Social Media Strategy Support Your Brand?

Social media – we’re all there, sharing the latest updates, tweeting about our online specials and posting trending questions in LinkedIn groups. At SJC, we have a social media coordinator who oversees the management of our platforms, ensuring everything we do within our social media strategy supports our brand. If everyone on the team could […]

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4 Tips to Pinterest Content Marketing

The hype surrounding Pinterest tends to toggle between those obsessed with the fun ideas they find on the site and business-minded individuals identifying different ways to drive traffic and convert leads with the platform. The latter tend to favor Pinterest content marketing. As I am a big fan of anything that helps drive traffic to […]

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3 Benefits to a Purposeful Content Marketing Strategy

You’ve likely heard a lot about content marketing, and the way it plays an important part of your online strategy to drive traffic to your site. Did you know an effective content marketing strategy is not just implementing the right pay per click ad? In fact, with the right key words, content and social media […]

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White Paper Marketing is Driving Sales

White paper marketing is driving sales in a direction it has never gone before. Because you want to sell your product to buyers, you must make it available to be seen. This means more than just featuring what you have to offer on your site. You must be intentional in your marketing efforts. A strategic […]

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Java with Jenny

As we continue our journey into the lives of our team, Jenny Wescoat is the next person we’d like you to meet.  Her situation is a little different than most of our team members. Jenny gets two versions of her story – grab your java and read on to see why. Jenny’s take on her […]

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