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Does Your Content Strategy Reflect How Blogging has Evolved?

What’s the secret sauce for a highly effective business blog, one that drives the right readers to you and your website? One that garners the kind of keyword rankings you’re looking for? It’s not just high-quality, valuable content anymore (though that is still important). Today, effective blog creation is built around an excellent group of readers, paired with valuable content and matched up with clever visuals. It’s a one-two-three punch that’s worth your time to read more about.

1. Blogging isn’t what it used to be. Thousands of competitors have entered the blog space with simple platforms like WordPress. Algorithms have changed, too. The links to article sources you used to rely on won’t cut it – and in fact, too many outside links added in to your blogs for leverage could hurt you. A well-written, high-value piece of content in your blog is still critically important … but it needs to exist alongside a couple of other key elements to really work.

2. Casually placing a visual in your blog isn’t fun for you or your readers. Instead, successful blog creation as part of a content strategy includes specific, unique and engaging visuals that really drive the message home to your audience. They’ll pop up on social media platforms and can create the stopping power you’ll need.

3. Knowing your stuff and putting that into a long blog isn’t necessarily what readers will respond to. A concise length with easy to digest bits of information is more likely to engage your audience. This is even more effective when you fortify your content strategy with a preexisting line-up of great topics and titles. Having this list means you won’t be so tempted to stray away from your core values and core messages you want to reinforce.

4. Never underestimate the power of starting with a great group of readers in mind. This may be one of the most significant changes in blog creation. Find out by researching similar blogs to understand more about who your audience is and what they read, share or comment on. Find out their demographics and what sources they’re already subscribing to. Rather than putting valuable content out there and waiting for them to find it, today’s top blogs go into the process already knowing what their audience wants to hear. If this audience is happy and engaged, they’ll share with other like-minded individuals.

The new path to success in blog creation isn’t as simple as it used to be. But like anything, rising up and putting in that additional effort can pay off for you in more focused site traffic, more leads and higher rankings. Contact our team today at SJC Marketing. We were blogging successfully way before blogging successfully was cool, and we’re serious about keeping up with what works now.

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