How to Avoid Being Unfollowed (on any Social Media Platform)

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The Essential Steps to Put in Place Before Your Content Goes Out

Not much is worse to a social media marketer than watching your follower metric decline. But it happens to brands both large and small.

One small piece of content can take your brand three giant steps backward in the blink of an eye.

The speed at which user reactions travel on social media is why it’s so important to establish a thorough content creation and review process. With eyes on the right content elements, you can protect your brand from disaster.

5 Criteria Social Media Content Must Meet Before Distribution

At SJC Marketing, we use some specific criteria to ensure social media content sends the message target audiences want to hear.

  1. Avoid Too Much Self-Promotion or Being Too Salesy

Of course, you’re a business and it’s important to sell your products and services, but this is the number one reason individuals choose to unfollow a brand. HubSpot surveyed individuals and discovered a substantial 41 percent would unfollow a brand that over promotes itself.

  1. Make Sure You’re Using Your Hashtags Correctly

We all know tweets and Instagram posts do significantly better with hashtags, but are you using the right hashtags with the right post? CIO says your brand’s online reputation hinges on your ability to engage your demographic on their level with strategic hashtag use.

  1. Stay Interesting: Don’t Be Repetitive or Boring, or Repetitive

Post Planner reports that 21 percent of individuals surveyed said they would unfollow a brand if the content is too repetitive and proves to be boring.

  1. Your CTA Shouldn’t Beg for a Click Through

You can easily inspire someone to click through to your website, follow through with signing up for your newsletter, or schedule that meeting with you, all without sounding like you’re telling them to stop everything they are doing to help your company out.

  1. Save the Sass

Most brands are fairly professional and need to present themselves as such. There are some brands that pride themselves in their sarcasm and sass, but if you can’t guarantee the majority of your target market is going to laugh at your sense of humor, save it for interoffice banter or that weekend brunch.

Ways to Win Your Social Media Audience

While there are some social media content sins your audience won’t soon forget, but there are many minor infractions they’ll be more likely to overlook if you’ve developed loyalty with them.

Establishing a trusted reputation through the social media content you post and the way you engage social media users can prove valuable in the case a post is misunderstood or something slips through the cracks.

SJC Marketing has several core elements we encourage clients to include in their social media strategies:

Provide new content in posts. Remember the repetitive rule above? Consumers don’t want to hear the same old story again. Your content needs to provide a fresh viewpoint.

Post content that is relevant to the brand. Your social media feeds should tell your brand story not your life story. Selfies don’t always count. But they might, if they pertain to your brand! Look for opportunities to share fun posts that personalize your brand and your team.

Engage with your followers. Your target audience wants to know you’re listening to their individual concerns. There’s no better way to do that than to engage with them on a regular basis.

Post consistently. If you can’t post on a schedule, talk to someone like SJC Marketing for your social media marketing needs (or read our blog about how using scheduling platforms can help you achieve a good schedule!).

Post images, videos, customer reviews, company news, and exclusive data. These are the top five types of content preferred by individuals across all industries. As you gather and create these content types, make sure the content is still relevant to your brand.

You should always think about what the post is going to provide your target audience. If it’s not going to provide value, think twice before posting. Better yet, ask a friend before you post.

Is the post inspirational? Your posts should be beneficial to the audience. If you can find a way to inspire someone, while still ensuring it will tie in with your brand, push it out. You could inspire them and make them a more loyal and engaged follower.

Successful Social Media Takes Attention and Time

As consumers, we all reach that point where we decide to purge our followers. Our feeds get cluttered with posts that are no longer relevant or come from people we haven’t talked to in over a decade.

If you don’t want your brand to end up on the purge list, you have to be willing to commit time and attention to your social media presence.

With the other business demands you’re trying to balance, social media content can easily fall by the wayside or (possibly worse!) the content message can become distorted for lack of a clear social media strategy.

In order to protect your brand, it’s crucial to evaluate how much time and attention you can devote to social media, and to honestly decide whether or not it’s a task that should be delegated to an experienced marketing firm.

At SJC Marketing, we offer a number of packages that give businesses a marketing resource tailored to their needs. We’d love to discuss the challenges you are facing and share the ways we can help you accomplish your goals.