Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Customer Acquisition Strategies?

Customers Are First in Knowing How to Market Your Business

Ask yourself today these important questions: How did I gain the new customers I landed this month? Was itcustomer acquisition strategies deliberate or by accident? What can I do different next month?  Considering customer acquisition strategies is actually closely linked to your overall marketing plan, and knowing what common mistakes businesses make in this area can strongly impact the bang you get for your marketing buck.

Consider this: A study in collaboration with Forrester Research said that tools to acquire customers like SEO (search engine optimization), effective keyword usage, content marketing and other specific, search-related tools were the top acquisition method for retailers selling online in the U.S. Other tools, like pop-up ads, didn’t produce such strong survey results when it comes to actually gaining a new customer.

So what are the common mistakes with customer acquisition, and how can you avoid them?

1. Don’t just jump in to any random pop-up tool that comes your way. Take the time to know how customers in your demographic actually react and respond to these tools, and then build a strategy around what does work as opposed to what doesn’t.

2. Keep it real. Avoid jargon-filled content, keyword stuffing or over-selling your product. Instead, focus on quality, valuable information that makes a difference to readers.

3. Don’t forget to reward loyal customers. Loyal customers still respond to reward incentives, as do those who are considering becoming loyal to your brand. It’s important to reward loyalty in a world driven by immense competition for audiences.

4. Don’t assume the same customer acquisition strategies you’re using now will be effective in 12 months. Customer trends and activity change, and your strategies should be reviewed every six months or every year as you think about knowing how to market your business.

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