Are You Getting Your Social Media Content Right?

With social media quickly becoming the norm for every business, it is very important for your platforms to look the best they can. You need to stand out in any area you can; you know your customer service will keep your customers coming back, but they need to be enticed by your social media content.Social Media Marketing 1

Here are some ways you can be sure you’re presenting the best content possible:

  1. Stick to First Date Rules While it might be tempting to share your life’s story on the first date, you know it’s not always the best option. The same thing holds true for your social media content. Provide the necessary information and let your customers get to know you gradually, through your regular posts and other campaigns.
  2. Mind Your Colors It is so important to stick to a theme when you are putting together your platform. It is the easiest to take a look at your logo and stick to that scheme. Your goal is to not overwhelm your audience, but rather direct their focus to the social media content you are providing – much like you would wear the color that brings out those big, green eyes on your first date.
  3. Get it Picture Perfect Social media content can be videos, photos, or words. It is important that your content is always perfect. Be sure to gather the specific guidelines for each image on the different platforms. Don’t just move or stretch a photo just to fit in the box; it’s important to maintain the integrity of the photo. It’s important to look your best at all times! Check out PicMonkey or Canva if you’re looking for a solid online way to edit those photos.
  4. Make It Easy You’ve made sure to provide the necessary social media content, as was mentioned in the first tip. Part of that includes your contact information. You also need to be sure you’re telling them what to do with that information or how to follow through with the purchase of a product. A clear call to action belongs on every single piece of social media content. This is the social media version of getting that second date.

It can sometimes be tricky to determine what information is necessary to share with your clients. It’s stressful figuring out which color scheme will look the best with your logo. Let Susan J. Campbell become your best friend. We would love to help you figure out what social media content to share with your audience, so you can secure the second date, or rather the loyal customer.